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4 methods to write a better script

As a scriptwriter, you don’t write for yourself, but for an audience that needs to be entertained, informed or convinced. Scriptwriters are artists who can tell the most beautiful stories with their creativity. Unfortunately, it can sometimes happen that you lack inspiration, the well-known writer’s block.

Over the years, we at Minimatie® have developed methods to avoid this writer’s block and write engaging stories, every time. In this blog, we give you four tips for writing scripts.

1.  Tell your story and record it

Often you know what you want to say in general terms, but it is difficult to summarise it in a few sentences. In that case, it can be useful to just tell your story to someone. Just as if it were a conversation. Record it or try to reflect on it shortly after the conversation. You will notice that - if you listen to the conversation - it will lead to new insights. It offers just that little bit of a different perspective!

2. Look at the competitor

There is no shame in regularly peeping at a competitor. On the contrary, it is a smart way to get inspiration. We make it a sport to look at what the competition is doing, and then note what could be improved.

3. Make it visual

Sometimes you just can't work it out textually. Try to work something out visually. Think of a sketch or a doodle. This stimulates a different area of your brain and starts a mental process that feeds itself (and others). We use the same method for creative brainstorms!

4. Take a break

When all else fails, perhaps it is time to listen to your grandmother's age-old advice: take a break. Walking away from the screen can do wonders. Get some fresh air, make a nice cup of coffee, chat with your colleagues or do a handstand. Get back to work afterwards and things will magically fall into place. Most of the time.

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