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What does the process look like?

After your introduction and briefing, we can really get started. The process consists of 4 steps. Making the script and storyboard, the production, feedback moment(s) and delivery.

1.           Script & Storyboard

On the basis of the briefing we will discuss your objectives and wishes. After that, in consultation with you, we will make a final script and storyboard. And we will work out your unique minimatie® style.

2.           Production

While you can get on with your own work, we will start the production process. We will record a voice-over, make the illustrations and animate the video. Finally, we add sound effects and music if needed.

3.           Feedback

We will send you the first version of de minimatie® and ask for your attention once more. Be critical and give us your feedback, we want everything to be as it should be. After that we will immediately get to work on perfecting de minimatie®.

4.           Result

After the finishing touches your minimatie® is ready to use. We will send you the video file in any format you like. And you also get the physical backup (and some nice goodies!) by post.

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